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Tips for a Boudoir Photography Session

Some of the most gorgeous photos are boudoir photos. There’s something about a woman feeling her sexiest that helps to create the most fabulous, stunning photos. Not only are these a great gift to your significant other or spouse, there are a great gift for yourself. Because it’s not about comparing yourself to the unattainable photoshopped images that the media thrusts into our faces. Victoria’s Secret models are great and all, but a boudoir photo session is not about trying to emulate that “ideal.” It’s about reveling in the unique and the incredibly sensual person that you are and getting in touch with that side of yourself. YOU are beautiful and there are so many pieces to a person that make them beautiful. It’s about empowering yourself to share some of those pieces of what makes you beautiful and express yourself in an open and honest way.

Boudoir Tips | Glow Weddings Blog

Here are a few tips to get the most out of your boudoir session, direct from Chelse:

  1. Why do it? At this point I have so many reasons…I did it… As a gift. BUT when I was done doing it, I realized it was a gift to me! Liberating, healing, powerful, fun, natural, exciting. Maybe your relationship needs a little surge of something. Maybe you need a confidence boost. Maybe you want to have a little reminder of your youth. There is no right or wrong reason. Have fun and empower your fabulous self!
  2. Get inspired- Make Pinterest your best friend and create an inspiration board just for your session…Start pinning clothing and photos that inspire you and get excited!!
  3. Get dolled up- While you definitely still want to look like YOU!! You will feel more comfortable if you feel like you’re looking your best. Have fun with the make up and hair! If you’re not comfortable doing your own hair and make up, maybe hire someone to help you get glammed up! I’ve even had clients hire hair and makeup to be done at the session. Sometimes it’s so much fun to get all dolled up, and it’ll help you get in the mood to show how fabulous you are.
  4. What to wear- Choose outfits you feel amazing in. And that is the only rule. BUT bring lots! And feel free to bring a bunch of different looks. Romantic and super feminine? Great! Bombshell sexy? Awesome! Something dramatically different that represents your unique personality? Fabulous! Be creative and bring outfits to the table that you’ll feel your sexiest in. Do some people this is as simple as jeans and a bra, others prefer lingerie. Maybe a jersey from your significant other’s favorite team. I can help you narrow it down.
  5. What else to bring- Don’t forget about accessories! Jewelry, hats, gloves, scarves, whatever feels right for you. Feel free to bring more than you should and I will help you pick.
  6. Try to let go of the pre-session nerves- I think you are most nervous thinking about the session?!? And picking out the attire. When you actually get here and hang with me, you aren’t anymore! It’s just me. I’m silly and I pose for you! (Just imagine, I did that 9 months pregnant too..really sexy). Within about 10 minutes you are having total fun.
  7. Bring it, people!- I can pose you, put you in beautiful light, make you feel comfortable. BUT I can’t make you make the right face and really ooze gorgeousness! You have to bring that. And I know you have it! I tell my ladies to give me that flirty look you are give. Maybe after a couple glasses of wine? Or when that certain someone tells you how cute you are?

For more inspiration, check out EIEIO PHotography’s Boudoir Inspiration Board on Pinterest.

How do you decorate with your photos?

One thing we want to provide for you on this blog is loads of inspiration. I mean, think about it. You call Chelse and set up a session. Your proofs come back and you order prints of photos that you love. Now what? It’s time to decorate, that’s what! And we’re all about seeing all the interesting and unique ways that people display their EIEIO Photography photos.

Chrissy was kind enough to send us a couple of shots of how she displays her photos. I love the simplicity and the black and white motif that she uses. It has such a classic feel! She says, “My girls share a room, so I knew I wanted pictures of the two of them together. This small gallery is above the changing table.”
Of this photo she adds “These are our family pictures from 2 separate sessions. I love how this turned out and I probably stare at this wall 5 times a day.
Chrissy Gallery | Glow Weddings Blog
We want to see photos and hear a little bit about how you like to decorate with photos. Shoot us an email at eieiophotographyblog at gmail dot com and tell us how you like to display your photos and send us a some shots of how you display your photos so that we can show everyone your great ideas!